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At the end of the day, your goods are only as good as the condition in which they reach the final destination and nobody knows this better than us. We offer complete product and service solutions for industries ranging from sports goods to electronics, white goods, textiles, transport, health care, toys, insulation and construction. As professional operators in the fumigation industry, we are constantly monitored by Quarantine Authorities and human health services and meet all national and international standards in this area. 

To make sure no area is overlooked our Good Distribution Practices (GDP) trained and certified professionals inspect, evaluate and certify your products and paperwork to ensure that things run smoothly. If you're worried about the safe loading and unloading of products, know that our palletization services cover this. Pallets are also thoroughly fumigated to prevent the shipment from possible damages. The base of the pallets are accessible by pallet jacks on both sides, allowing easy handling.

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