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Pharmaceutical freight is a service that comes with many challenges; however, in collaboration with renowned international partners, we are able to provide reliable,round-the-clock and door-to-door pharmaceutical transportation solutions. 

We specialize in:

  • Worldwide transportations

  • Packaging

  • Warehousing (local, regional or international)

The global pharmaceutical industry operates at a high level of quality assurance, achieving its pharmaceutical quality objectives by observing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to manufacture pharmaceutical and related products, which must then be authorised for marketing by the national medicines authority. This policy ensures that products released for distribution are of the appropriate quality. This level of quality needs to be maintained throughout the transportation process so that authorised pharmaceutical and related products are distributed to manufacturers, retail pharmacists and other persons/companies entitled to sell pharmaceutical and related products to the general public, without any alteration of their properties. 
The aim of GMP and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is to ensure the quality of a medicinal product for the safety, well-being and protection of the patient. In achieving this aim it is impossible to overemphasize the importance of people, at all levels and in all parts of the supply chain, in the assurance of the quality of medicinal products. It has, however, long since been recognized that there are many anomalies in the supply chain for this industry. Pharma warehouses go to great lengths to protect manufactured products whilst in their care, but once they are handed over to a freight forwarder for movement to the main distributor or end user, maybe in another country, such products can be exposed to extreme temperatures and handling procedures which can in turn compromise their integrity, and in the worst cases rendering them worthless. It is with this in mind Pharmafreight has written a guide for its own part in the supply chain, namely Good Transportation Practice (GTP). With the adoption of its GTP system amongst its chosen partners, Pharmafreight is positioning itself to provide a global system to protect these products in between the manufacturer and the end user. 


Gulf Star Freight has partnered with Pharmafreight.




The whole ethos behind Pharmafreight is its desire to create and manage a constantly evolving distribution system called Good Transportation Practice, designed to match and beat the quality systems created and executed by pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors on a global scale. Our unique knowledge and independent structure allows us to make quick decisions and responses to ensure successful movements are completed for customers.

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